The Only Complex Thing About MJ's Should Be the Wine



The only complex thing at MJ’s should be the wine. This is a place for you to comfortable. I want you walk through the door and feel like you can be yourself and enjoy yourself. At MJ’s you can come in and play a record off the shelf. You can sit on the couch and relax. You can smell the fragrance jars or look at places you have been to on the wine wall.

We have a fun staff, a variety of seating options and an establishment designed for approachability. Whether you want a secluded corner for yourself or to sit at the community table with friends you haven’t met yet, we have a seat for you and we are glad you came.




Wine Enthusiast named MJ's Wine Bar one of the Top 20 Wine Bar's in the Country:

Portland, ME | MJ’s Wine Bar

Take your favorite college-town coffeehouse, but replace the smell of patchouli with a fun wine list that reps far-flung lesser-known regions, like Hungary and the Canary Islands, and you’ve got this chill hangout.