One City Wine Academy is designed to give you tools needed to understand the nature of wine, the wine industry and how the story behind the beverage elevates the enjoyment of the experience. We offer three Core courses and periodical in depth studies of specific regions.  All are lead by resident sommelier Mark Ohlson. All classes are $65 for an hour and a half course and do include a short tasting at the lectures conclusion.

From the Vine to the Glass

This course takes a look at the process of grape growing and wine making. We distinguish one form the other and follow the path of a grape first in its development as a fruit and then the process of harvest and production that transforms it into the alcoholic beverage we enjoy.

The Sensation of Flavor

This course talks about the core principle flavor components that are found in wine and how the human body experiences them. It will cover color, aromatics and taste and how to use language to categorize wines and describe what you experience, and it turn, what you like so you can order it in the future.

Buying, Pairing and Selling

In this class we look at why we buy what we buy, what the label actually tells us about the contents and how to choose a wine that pairs with what we are eating. There will be a perspective piece on selling as well.